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  • " I Am Leaving For Mexico": Ex President of Bolivia
  • US Condemns Hong Kong Violence Calls för Police and Pro Democracy Protesters to Keep Restraint
  • 3 Bomb Blast Kill 7 People in Kurdish City of Quamishli in Northeast Syria
  • Invites Citizen Journalists Across the World to Send Reports, videos,Pictures relating to Crime Against Humanity and Human Interest Stories: or What's App +919073399779
November 12, 2019

Social Media Watch: Hong Kong Pro-D...

LIVE Social Media Watch: Hong Kong Pro Democracy Protests

Muslim Nations Bring Genocide Suit ...

Gambia on Monday filed a lawsuit against Myanmar in the highest court of the United Nations, accusing the Southeast Asia nation of state-sponsored genocide for the brutal military-led crackdown against Rohingya Muslims in 2017 that left thousands dead and drove more than 740,000 across the border to Bangladesh

Economic Collapse Decimates Venezue...

once proud economic hub in Venezuela is now a ghost town. Valencia, capital of Carabobo State has lost its main income, the car Assembly industry. United States companies like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler either have left the country or have not built a car in the last year

‘This Is Exploding’: Jo...

When revolutions erupted against communist regimes across Eastern Europe in 1989, Western journalists struggled to keep up. Three veteran reporters describe the chaotic days they will never forget

November 11, 2019

The Long Journey Of Women In The US...

Just 25 years ago, women were not allowed to fly battle planes and operate tanks. Yet, despite generations of physical and cultural obstacles, women have been drawn to the military. Iuliia Iarmolenko met with a WWII veteran who found a way to make her military dream come true when it seemed impossible

Community Reflects One Year After D...

Nov. 8, 2018, a day that residents of the small town of Paradise in northern California will never forget. Paradise and adjacent areas caught fire. The raging blaze killed 84 people and displaced more than 50,000. Chico, a neighboring city became home to thousands of these displaced persons

Mammoth Tusks: Big Profits, Lost Hi...

Paleontologists are struggling to salvage precious prehistoric bones discarded by mammoth-ivory hunters in Russia’s remote Yakutia region. When hunters extract valuable tusks from the skeletons of the ancient buried animals, they also destroy evidence of past life on Earth. Scientists can’t stop this illegal work, but they bargain and scavenge to preserve natural history

School for Adoptive Kids

Transracially adopted children may exhibit more behavioral issues in the classroom, according to researchers. The white adoptive mother of several African-American children talks about how her eyes were opened to systemic racism present in her school system

November 10, 2019

Ethical AI Learns Human Rights Fram...

Artificial intelligence or AI, is broadly defined as the technology that allows machines to do tasks that only humans have done in the past. However, as that technology continues to advance there is a growing conversation about ensuring that machines aren’t just making decisions, but making ethical decisions

High-end Choppers Move Into the Lif...

The first successful organ transplant surgery was performed in 1954 in Boston, MA, and since then millions of such operations have been done. Yet despite the revolution in this sphere of medicine, one challenge remains – how to get the new organ to the patient faster, because at times a handful of hours is all doctors can afford. A New York City company called Blade may have an answer by providing helicopters that serve as air taxis to deliver very precious cargo to donor recipients in just minutes

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