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  • Sudan’s New Civilian Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok Launches Independent Investigation into June Crackdown
  • Israel: Arab Parties Back Blue and White Leader Benny Gantz for Prime Minister on Sunday
  • Ahead of UN Summit, Leading Scientists Warn Climate Change 'Hitting Harder and Sooner' than Forecast: UN News
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September 23, 2019

Malawi Works to Contain Overfishing...

Malawi is trying to find ways to contain overfishing in its largest body of water, Lake Malawi. The third largest lake in Africa has long been the economic hub for thousands of fishing communities along the lakefront areas

Young People Organize Protests to D...

Young people around the world have been organizing protests to demand action on climate change. Millions walked out of their schools and workplaces last Friday as part of demonstrations leading up to the Youth Climate Summit at United Nations headquarters in New York

Observers See Little Progress on Rw...

Tensions between Rwanda and Uganda are on the rise, with Rwanda accusing its neighbor of hosting terrorist groups and torturing Rwandan nationals

The Independence of the Bulgarian P...

Known for her uncompromising interviews and pressing questions at the microphone of the Bulgarian national radio BNR where she has been employed for 26 years, the journalist Silvia Velikova was withdrawn the presentation of her show the next morning and without notice on 12 September latest

An Immediate Appeal

An Immediate Appeal

September 22, 2019

Pakistani Charities and Entrepreneu...

Modern technology is becoming more and more common in artificial limbs. But advanced treatment like that is still a distant dream for majority of the amputees in Pakistan

A Unique Seattle Rehab Helps People...

Smartphones have quickly evolved from being a way to make an untethered phone call to service as portable hand-held personal computers. Yet these pros bring along many cons, as conditions like Internet addiction disorder become more widespread. To help people overcome these disorders, special rehab centers are opening around the world

Police Detain Dozens Of Protesters ...

Kazakh police forcibly detained a teenage girl in the capital, Nur-Sultan, on September 21 when she was “going to the store” with her mother and two younger sisters. It appeared that riot police officers believed the girl was participating in an unsanctioned rally and dragged her to a police van, despite her mother’s remonstrations

September 21, 2019

Tajikistan: Barriers to Aid for Dom...

The Tajik government takes little action to investigate or prosecute domestic violence cases and is doing far too little to help survivors, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on 19 September

Pennsylvania Latinos Changing the P...

More than a half century ago, a group of Puerto Ricans moved to Reading, Pennsylvania, to work the nearby mushroom fields. Since then the Latino and Hispanic population of the city itself has mushroomed — to 65% of the total. That majority-minority population is being closely watched politically because it is a key constituency in a swing state considered a must-win for both parties in next year’s presidential election

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