2008: A Year of Mayhem

November 26-29: 183 people were killed,20 of them police and soldiers and 327 injured in India’s worst terror attack.Millitants attacked various parts of Mumbai: Taj Mahal palace hotel,Victoria Terminus,Leopold Cafe,Cama Hospital,Oberoi Trident hotel and Nariman house.

Other terror attacks during the year in India: 

May 13:Eight blasts ripped in Jaipur in a span of 20 minutes , killing up to 60 peopleand injuring over 200.The first bomb went off at 7.30pm near the Hawa Mahal and another at the Sanganeri Gate Hanuman temple, chock-a-block with devotees .

June 4:A low-intensity explosion injured seven people in the parking lot of a Thane theatre showing a drama,depectin fiction between north indians and Marathis.

July 26:Sixteen small bombs killed at least 29 people in Ahmedabad,Gujrat in 15 minutes , including 10 inside a hospital.Another 100 were wounded as the explosions targeted another hospital, railway stations, a theatre, a bus and markets between 6.45pm and 7pm.

Sept 26: A bomb ripped through a crowded market in New Delhi on Saturday, killing one person and wounding 15 others, police said.

Sept 13:Five blasts in the crowded market places of Connaught place,Karol Bagh,Greater Kailash 1 killed 25 persons and injured more than 100.

Sept.29:At least 7 persons killed and 21 wounded in muslim dominated town of Malegaon,Mahrastra.At the same time five people died and 10 people were wounded in Modasa town in Gujrat.

Oct.30:Nine explosions shook Guwahati and three western Assam towns, leaving 75 dead and over 300 injured in the worst bombings in the militancy-hit state’s history.


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