Year: 2019

December 7, 2019

Good News

A Museum in Washington D.C. dedicated to Palestine Causes and highlights the Palestine Culture and Heritage. A special report Drones are being used as a new weapon in the fight against Malaria on the island of Zanzibar. In the village of Cheju in particular, drones are spraying a silicone-based liquid on large stretches of stagnant …

Tibetan Anti-Corruption Campaigner ...

Anya Sengdra, a resident of Kyangche township in Gade (in Chinese, Gande) county in the Golog (Guoluo) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture was widely respected in his community for his campaigns, London-based Free Tibet said in a statement

Bangladesh’s Plan Requiring W...

Operators of Bangladeshi online news portals expressed fears Friday their websites could go dark after the nation’s information minister announced that they must register with the government to maintain coverage

Afghan Activists Hold Vigil in Hono...

Dozens of Afghan activists participated in a candlelight vigil Thursday near the Japanese Embassy in Kabul to mourn for Tetsu Nakamura, a physician and longtime aid worker who was fatally shot with five other people in eastern Afghanistan this week

Video News Digest

Serbian activists held a “protest performance” in Belgrade, demanding better institutional protection for women from violence….Hundreds of supporters of Russian activist blogger Yegor Zhukov greeted him on the steps of a Moscow courthouse after he received a three-year suspended sentence for inciting extremism

‘A Beautiful Day in the Neigh...

The recent film release, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” by Marielle Heller, is based on the Esquire magazine article, “Can you say..Hero?” that award-winning journalist Tom Junod wrote in 1998 about Fred Rogers. The newly released films shows how two polar opposites, an empathic Mister Rogers and a cynical writer, become friends

December 6, 2019

Mix and Match

The largest concentration of black African churches outside of Africa can be found in South London. Each week, about 20,000 people attend one of the mostly Pentecostal churches in the city…The number of new international student enrollments in the U.S. has declined for a straight third year, according to the Institute for International Education.

Twittersphere Reacts to Encounter o...

All four accused in Hyderabad veterinarian’s rape and murder case were killed in an encounter at 3:30 am local time on Friday. According to Cyberabad police, the accused were taken to the crime scene to recreate the incident, when they reportedly tried to escape and tried to snatch weapons from the Police and fired.Police on …

Good News

We selected two stories the first one about a MMA fighter of Cambodian decent is using her fighting career to reconnect with the country that her mother told her about when she was a child and the second one about a team of researchers at Texas A&M University is working on — to look at brain waves that correlate to different human emotions and ultimately teach that to an autonomous vehicle

Brother of Uyghur Linguist Confirme...

Uyghurs in exile say that the charges against Ayup and his partners were politically motivated, after the U.S.-educated linguist’s essays and lectures on maintaining the Uyghur language in schools drew widespread support in China’s Uyghur community


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