Month: May 2019

May 27, 2019

Facial Recognition Technology Raisi...

San Francisco, California recently became the first U.S. city to ban police and other city agencies from using facial recognition technology. The city is not alone. More people are growing wary of the powerful tech, at the same time that others are embracing it

May 26, 2019

DR Congo: Girls’ Lives Shattered ...

The 76-page report, “‘All That I Have Lost’: Impact of Attacks on Education for Women and Girls in Kasai Central Province – Democratic Republic of Congo,” is based on over 55 interviews with female students, as well as principals and teachers from schools that were attacked in the region

A New Robot Promises to Meet Your I...

A new personal home robot follows you around your home, navigating past obstacles, so you can multitask while staying connected. Deana Mitchell takes a tour~VOA

The Man Who Quit The Opera To Help ...

Vadim Cheldiyev abandoned a career as an opera singer at the prestigious Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg to return to his home town in the Caucasus and help the poor

US Transcontinental Railroad Celebr...

It’s been 150 years since the U.S. transcontinental railroad connected America’s East and West. To celebrate the anniversary, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is highlighting an event that quite literally united the nation

I Didn’t Get Any Reply From ...

I also found that private detective agencies expose their field operators to shield themselves. have also found out that you are making false allegations against Mr. Shanthanu B by claiming he forged your company’s letter head and submitted false reports to the client

New Breast Cancer Treatment Offers ...

Regular screenings and advanced treatments are helping more women than ever to survive breast cancer. But even when their disease is caught early, more than 200,000 U.S. women each year are facing possible mastectomies or weeks of radiation. But a new study suggests that, for some women, there’s an easier third option

Painting Canyons

Bruce Aiken, an oil painter, is most known for his paintings of the Grand Canyon, where he spent over 30 years with his wife and kids. Find out how his journey began and the creative process behind his paintings

Preserving Mongolian Culture

We talk to Gankhuyag Natag, a mask maker and visual artist who came to the U.S. from Mongolia in 2002. Learn the story behind why he wanted to create 108 masks – a sacred number in Buddhism – and the different creative outlets he’s using to introduce Mongolian culture to the world

May 25, 2019

2019 Female World Cup: Best Local L...

The 2018 best player with 23 goals in Cameroons local league with Louvres Minprof, has expressed her dissatisfaction after she was left out in Spain in a final list of 23 players selected by Coach Alain Djeumfa Defranse on Friday May 24, 2019. In a Telephone interview with CNA, the hard trick scorer in the COSAFA competition said the Coach told her that she had put on weight. She adds that she doesn’t know if the decision was based on her Anglophone origin because since 2015, she has always helped in qualifying her team while other players take her position


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