• Ten Killed in Lahore Perfume Factory Fire, Rescue Efforts in Full Swing
  • Syrian Government Forces Cut off M5 International Highway in Syria's Northwestern Idlib Province
  • Italy's Populist Leader Matteo Salvini Fails to Win Regional Election
  • China Corovirus: Death Toll Rises to 106
  • 3 Bodies Removed from Site of Crash that Killed Kobe Bryant, His Daughter and 7 Others

Month: August 2019

August 31, 2019

Moscow Protest

Thousands of people have joined a march in Moscow, defying warnings by the authorities against taking part in an unauthorized demonstration. The crowds are demanding opposition candidates be allowed to run in forthcoming local elections

On Srebrenica Massacre Road, School...

Nearly a quarter of a century later, the all-Bosniak village’s Bosnian-Serb administered school does not teach children about the atrocities that haunt the surrounding woods and road outside its windows

Many From Africa, Haiti Seek Asylum...

While most migrants who arrive at America’s southern border are from the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the U.S. Border Patrol in Texas’ Del Rio Sector reports apprehending people from more than 50 countries in the last year

August 30, 2019

Residents of Kashmir Border Town Ur...

While millions of people continue to live under a prolonged security lockdown in Indian-controlled Kashmir, villagers near the border on the Pakistani side of the disputed territory complain intensified military skirmishes between the two countries are also impacting their lives

War and Peace

In Mosul, Iraq, grieving families of hundreds of civilians who went missing during the war against the Islamic State (IS) terror group are urging the Iraqi government to help them find their loved ones….Top US military officer said Wednesday it was too early to talk about the future of US counterterrorism forces in Afghanistan, where insurgent violence continues

UN General Assembly Welcomes Climat...

General Assembly President Maria Espinosa welcomed today at the United Nations the climate activist Greta Thunberg who sailed from Europe to New York for two weeks on a zero-emissions sailboat to take part in the Climate Action Summit later in September

Chinese Authorities Detain Highest-...

Authorities in the XUAR regularly detain those they accuse of being “two-faced officials”—a term applied by the government to ethnic minority cadres or other officials who pay lip service to Communist Party rule, but secretly chafe against state policies repressing members of their ethnic group

Kosovo-Pak News

Hundreds gathered in Kosovo to remember friends and family who went missing during a war 20 years ago. They marched through the capital, Pristina, on August 30..Pakistanis poured onto the streets to show their solidarity with the people of the disputed region of Indian-administered Kashmir

Shoura – An Experiment in Rec...

A new documentary explores a town torn between victims of Islamic State and families of IS members, and coming to terms with the past

August 29, 2019

Wave of Assassinations of Journalis...

The recent assassinations of Jorge Celestino Ruíz Vázquez and Nevith Condés Jaramillo bring to 10 the number of journalists killed in Mexico in 2019, which confirms its status as the most dangerous country in the world for the press. Coupled with almost total impunity, this situation of extreme violence has not yet generated a strong reaction from the government of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, to whom Reporters Without Borders (RSF) addresses its recommendations


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