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August 20, 2019

Delhi’s Restrictions Turn Sri...

The streets of Srinagar were largely deserted on Monday and most schools and shops were closed even though authorities say they were re-opening close to 200 elementary schools in Kashmir’s largest city. Residents are angered over the Indian government’s decision to downgrade the status of the Indian-administered side – Jammu and Kashmir – from a federal state and split into two union territories

Abandoned Russian Chemical Plant Th...

The derelict Usolyekhimprom chemical plant contains tanks of chlorine, mercury, and other deadly substances spread across hundreds of hectares in Russia’s Irkutsk region. During a visit this July, the head of Russia’s environmental safety agency warned that the site poses a potential environmental disaster on the scale of Chernobyl

After Life Sentence, Ambazonia Lead...

The Yaounde Military Court early Tuesday August 20 found the 10 Ambazonia Separatist leaders, Sisiku Ayuktabe and 9 others, guilty of charges and sentenced them to life imprisonment, a release from the defense team said

August 19, 2019

Indian Classical Music

A People in America profile of Ranee Ramaswamy who founded the Ragamala Dance Company in Minneapolis. She talks to us about Bharatanatyam, a popular South Indian dance and reflects on how this art form has kept her centered and balanced, both literally and figuratively.

Sudanese Celebrate Signing of Polit...

Sudan’s Transitional Military Council and opposition parties formally signed a political agreement this weekend after months of protests. Though many protesters are wary of the compromises made in the deal, the signing was marked by celebrations across the capital

Wreath-laying Ceremony to Honour Fa...

ceremony to honour the memory of UN staff killed in the 2003 attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. The day of the attack, 19 August, is now observed annually as World Humanitarian Day

Afghan Pak News

Afghanistan marked it’s 100th Independence Day, but the celebrations were muted by the latest wave of insurgent violence….Opposition party leaders have gathered in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, to discuss their response to a decision by the Indian government to suspend autonomy for Indian-controlled Kashmir

Child Marriage An Overview

A Combonation of four stories depicting the reality of child Marriage. Economist Quentin Wodon from the World Bank shares his insight into why people marry young and the economic cost of child marriage. Reporters: Carol Guensburg, Hayde Adams-Fitzpatrick; Camera: Karina Choudhury; Edited by: Phil Dierking, Martin Secrest Pam Strawbridge issues marriage licenses at the a …

North Korean Officials Favor South ...

Medicines including painkillers and fever-reducing drugs brought into North Korea by the Red Cross and other international NGOs have become harder to obtain in recent years as U.N. sanctions punishing North Korea for its illicit nuclear weapons program have taken hold, sources told RFA in earlier reports

August 18, 2019

‘It’s Your Own Fault...

There’s also a lack of awareness about the resources available to victims of rape or assault, who often choose not to turn to police or press charges


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