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Special Story highlights a specific incident or incidents that made headlines years back but faded from public memory 

After Rizwanur Rahaman,the mysterious death of a young cop who was the investigating officer of Rizwanur Rahaman’s death for brief period even puzzled the experienced sleuths.

On February11, 2009, his beheaded body was discovered on a railway track.Though,Police said,the young railway police officer,Arindam manna committed suicide by jumping in front of a speeding train but but his family beleave that Arindam was murdered.

On September 21,2007,a body of a young man found dead near railway track near Kolkata  in the state of west Bengal after accusing his rich in-laws of threatening him, provoked a mob attack on police and cars in Park circus in Kolkata Muslim dominated area (Sept 22 ) .and cars in Park circus , a Muslim dominated area in Kolkata. Hours earlier,Rizwanur Rehman’s family had filed a case  with Karaya police Station demanding a probe into the role of his father-in-law businessman Ashok Todi,in the mysterious death.Rizwanur, 30, was found dead between Dumdum and Bidhannagar Road railway station.The body covered with injury marks and head smashed a month after marring Tody’s daughter against her families wishes.

Similar incident happend in Kottayam district in Kerala the Southern Indian state, during the same period where a former additional sub-inspector of police V.V.Augustine,75,who prepared the FIR in the sister Abhaya murder case found dead in his home on 25 Nov.2008.Police confirmed that he committed suicide by slashing his wrist.was alleged that Augustine, who had help to destroy evidence connected with the high profile case, had been suffering from mental depression and had been questioned by various teams including CBI which probed the case.

He was the assitant Sub-Inspector of Kottayam west police station at the time of Abhaya’s death and was the first to reach the St Pious Convent in Kottayam on the morning of March 27, 1992 when the young nun’s body was found in a well .He prepared the FIR and inquest report in the case.


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