Fighting Fake News

When you want to consume informations from the internet or social media including viral messages in whatapp always remember the journalism mantra that if your mother says she loves you,check it out Double check the informations,messages.
90 percent of messages we forward are fake.We think that we are performing a public service by forwarding, but it only creates confusion.

Fact are more important than adjectives. Fact checking is like Data Journalism reveal the truth.We are asking so called pseudo Nationalists or pseudo secularists post original pictures,videos or informations if you have one.Why manipulative ones to mislead netizens?

Actually fact checkers just find the reality behind the informations or news whether its real or manipulated one.Why fake news sites like constantly providing misinformation in the form of informations.Whether left or right, spreading fake news is a condemnable act.Society is not going to benefited from these pseudo secularists and pseudo nationalists.

Fighting Fake News 

If you think that particular picture or video that shared in social media is not genuine and used it in different context then take the help of fact checking sites or use specialized sites like Google image reverse.But if the picture is posted along with text then its difficult to find the original picture by searching Google image reverse or other specialized search engines Then you can do one thing remove the text then you find the result


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