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For the Sake of the ‘Honor’ of the family!

Social activists in India want a separate law to deal with ‘honor killing’. Political parties generally avoid these type of issues because the khap (clan) issue was a sensitive one and a part of the deep social, religious sentiments and folk culture.The practice of honor killing is rampant in Haryna, Outskirts of Delhi, Western Uttar Pradesh and Punjab and some parts of  Rajasthan.In Islamic countries honor killing is a major problem.According to experts, Khap panchayat is a medieval institution where people were divided into clans.They regularly try to settle disputes among its members. Khap panchayat are dead against same-gotra (clan) marriage.So when boys and girls of same caste fell in love or married each other, family members of the girl killed the girl or her ‘love interest’ or both of them for the sake of the ‘honor’ of the family.

An honor killing is the murder of a person accused of ‘bringing shame’ on his-her family by refusing to enter into a marriage, committing adultery or being in a relationship disapproved by the family.

Marrying out of caste or religion outraged family members and they have no regret.Even father and brother shot dead their daughter and sister for ‘protecting the family’s honor’.

 The Judges of Punjab and Haryana High Court expressed their concern over the issue.According to United Nations Commission on Human Rights, honor killings have occurred in countries like India,Bangladesh, Pakistan,England,Brazil, Ecuador,Egypt, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Morocco,Turkey,Sweden,Uganda.


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