In A Letter Taliban Shares View on Peace Talks with HPC

Taliban have sent a letter to Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC), shared their view on peace talks with the council for the first time.

Speaking at a two-day meeting of the provincial peace committees on Sunday, the Chairman of HPC, Mohammad Karim Khalili said that they have received video messages from Taliban’s Quetta Shura regarding the release of the Taliban prisoners as part of the peace talks with the Afghan government.

Khalili stressed that HPC has received a letter from the Taliban for the first time in which the armed group declared their stand on peace talks. He said they have also shared their view in response to the Taliban letter and that received a reply in return.

This comes as the government is yet to officially reveal the formation of a negotiating team for peace talks with the Taliban despite a list of its members has been shared through media reports.

The list includes Education Minister Mirwais Balkhi, Acting Minister of Information & Culture Hassina Safi, Deputy Minister of Higher Education Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Deputy Minister of Refugees and Repatriation Dr. Alema, Ebadullah Ebad Deputy Head of NDS, MP Shagul Rezayee, Ulema Council member Attaullah Ludin, Paktia Governor Shamin Katawzi, a member of the Supreme Court Abdullah Attai and MoFA Director of Cultural Affairs Tooryalai Ghiasi.

However, former spy chief Amrullah Saleh said that the individuals who do not have a strong political background would not be able to declare their stand at negotiating table with the Taliban.

Saleh stressed that the Taliban have nothing to deliver but have more of a message of war, adding that the government should enter into peace talks with the armed group from a strong platform.(Afghan Voice Agency AVA)


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