Moral Policing!

Moral policing is a typical past time for many Indians including politicians who want to dictate the way women should behave or dress up in public and even blame their dress sense for molestation or rape. They think women themselves are somehow responsible for being rape or molestation. But strangely enough these so called custodian of Hindu culture and tradition remain silent when foreign tourists face harassment like groping by unknown faces, molestation or even raped and foreigners often abandoned by their Indian boyfriends.

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Take the case of this Spanish  citizen who realy loved her Indian boyfriend but was abandoned by him when she got pregnant.

M.Segura (name changed), a Spanish citizen,she first met Somesh Tiwary, a resident of Uttar Pradesh through Facebook three years ago. He messeged and called her often. Then they met at her office ( she was working for a travel firm) in Kathmandu, an  engineer by profession also worked there. After 4 weeks, he asked her to marry him. She agreed to married him because she was in love. Then he met her friends and she also met his workmates.

Then when she told him that She could get pregnant for date, he told her that “it’s OK, it will be wonderful if you get pregnant,” Tapesh told her in Nepal if she is pregnant he will arrange a doctor.

But when she told him that she is pregnant, he told her that he can’t take care of a baby, his brothers betrayed him and he had nothing. Later he told her that he would talk to his parents and if they are not agree he will go with her to spain.But according to her then he disappeared. He blocked her in Facebook, Whats App and Calls.Actually Somesh disconnected all communications with her.

After 3 months, she went to the police in Nepal and to the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu because he didn’t come to talk to her. The police forced him to marry with her.But he refused and told her that I will hell your life if you marry me and threatened her with dire consquences.During last few months she contacted his friends and relatives over phone and through social media but they didn’t help her. She alleged that Tapesh even forced her to abort the baby but she refused. She now wants justice because according to her he left her and alone. Her baby is now 9 months old.

According to Segura, he never saw his son. He even refused ti send money for his son. When she was pregnant he told her blantly that he just use her for Spanish Green card Now he works as a mechanical engineer at a renowned cement manufacturing company. She suspects that he even married and have children.He told us,”I have spent a long time to develop my self-esteem,confidence.

As a single mother I have been through many challenges and struggles. I will continue to do that until and unless me and my baby would get proper justice.’

According to experts, Indian men have a fascination to have white girl friends but when it comes to marriage, men still prefer girls within their community. Many parents don’t approve foreign daughter in law.



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