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My Sources Are My Friends

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My sources are my friends.They trust me a lot and without any hesitation they pass vital information to me and I always prefer to go undercover for my assignment their knowledge of the darker side of the society come as a handy.

I treat my sources as my friends.I chat a lot with them and try to solve their problems.I believe that a good investigative reporter can not reveal his source.He prefer to go to jail rather than reveal their identity.

Few years ago,one of my source brought a young lady to me.He introduced the lady as a call girl.After that we regularly met and she revealed ‘trade secrets’to me.She believed me a lot and I always protected her identity.But now she withdrew from it entirely.She formed a NGO and helping destitute children.

As an investigative reporter first I try to built up confidence and then persuade persons to talk on camera.I tell them that I have nothing to do with their criminal activity or criminal background but I try to highlight their plight-they trust me a lot and openly tell their story on camera.Despite my best effort to built a co-ordial relation with them,sometimes they put me in trouble.Here, I want to recall one incident where I was compelled to take action against one of my contacts.Few months ago,my source a husky guy came over my office and struck up conversation with me and pull pranks-then he told me that he needed one of my mobile phones to capture some videos for me.

As I trust him, I hand over my mobile phone to him and he promised to return it after finishing his job.But two -three days later when he didn’t return my mobile, I tired to contact him,found that his mobile was switched off.I didn’t remember his home address.

I was at my wits end.After waiting for ten-twelve days,I informed the police.Though it was not a strong Case because I willingly gave it to him,they considered the case seriously. A young officer of a police station nabbed  him from his hideout after three months and several rounds of raids.I later learnt that the guy involved in white color crime and earlier police booked him on several charges.

Despite these types of setback, I still trust  my sources and regularly meet them.I follow the footsteps of Pete Shellem, a chain-smoking investigative reporter of Patriot-News of Harrisburg,Pennsylvania who meets sources in bars and knows most of the bartenders by name.When his immediate boss or any other person from his newspaper needs to find him for a question on a story they know where to find him.By his tireless effort four innocent people were freed from jail after serving several years in jail.Hats off to his temperament.


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