• Sri Lanka Easter Massacre: Compensation for Bomb Attack Victims:Rs.100,000 ($572.636) as Funeral Expenses and Rs. one Million ($5,726.132 USD) for the Families of Those Who Killed as Compensation
  • Sri Lanka Easter Massacre: All Government Schools Closed till April 29
  • Sri Lanka Sunday Easter Massacre: Five Star Hotels Shangri-La, Kingsbury Shut Until Further Notice
  • Sri Lanka Sunday Easter Massacre: Police Advise Motorists to Paste their Names and Contact Numbers on the Windscreen to Identify the Vehicle
  • Sri Lanka Sunday Easter Massacre: Muslim Insurgents with Support From IS or Lashkar-e -Taiba or Jaish-e-Mohammad or Both May be Behind the Attack : Experts
  • Sri Lanka Sunday Easter Massacre: INTERPOL Deploys Team to Assist Investigation
  • Sri Lanka Sunday Easter Massacre: Nine Suspects Including One Singhala, One Tamil and Seven Muslims Remanded
  • Sri Lanka Sunday Easter Massacre: Explosive Device Detected and Disposed inside a Vehicle Near the St. Anthony’s Church, Kochchikade
  • Sri Lanka Sunday Easter Massacre: 87 Detonators Recovered in Bastian Mawatha, in Pettah
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April 21, 2019

Cameroon’s Senate Describes EU Re...

The EU on Thursday among others, resolved that Cameroon government release without conditions all political prisoners, engaged in dialogue with Anglophones and promote freedom of expression and assembly

Saguaros: Arizona’s Iconic Cacti

The saguaro cactus is an icon of the Sonoran Desert. It can grow up to 18 meters tall and live up to 200 years. Daria Dieguts traveled to Arizona to learn more about this magnificent plant

Precious Companionship: How Assista...

Trained to aid and accompany people with disabilities at all times, assaistance dogs are much more than dedicated friends, they are the ears, the eyes and the moral support that is so needed, whether their companion has a physical disability or an emotional one, like PTSD

Senior Citizens and Children Brough...

Helping children with homework, playing with toddlers, giving sage advice or just listening, the men and women you’re about to meet do what many grandparents do. The Foster Grandparent program has been using volunteers older than 55 to help children and youth in their communities for decades

Twittersphere Condemns Easter Massa...

Multiple blasts hit Charges and hotels cause major casulties and damages.At least 50 people killed and 200 injured in six explosions in several cities across Srilanka

Christians Seek Retrieval of Antiqu...

When IS was in control of large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria, the terror group transferred large quantities of Christian objects stolen from churches from the Nineveh Plains in Iraq to Syria and eventually smuggle them to black markets abroad, according to experts

Volunteers Bring Easter Hope to the...

Easter, which most Christians observe Sunday, is a time of celebration for many American families. Life remains hard for the homeless on the streets of big American cities……

April 20, 2019

‘Afghanistan Has Changed̵...

Talk of peace in Afghanistan is ramping up, with the United States and the Taliban negotiating and Kabul preparing to host hundreds of ethnic, religious, and tribal leaders to settle on a road map for ending nearly 18 years of war

Long Road to Recovery for Children ...

The U.N. children’s fund says the emergency phase of its response in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe is winding down. But the road to recovery will remain very long, especially for children, who are the most vulnerable

Wild Burros Overtake Arizona Town

Small donkeys, often called burros in Arizona, may look cute, but they are a big problem for locals — both people and animals. Not native to Arizona, feral burros are causing real damage to the habitat, trampling vegetation, fouling water sources and competing with native wildlife for limited forage. Daria Dieguts traveled to the small …


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