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Searching For a Daughter

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Ruman Das’s nightmare began  when he lost contact with his minor daughter Sabi. She went to Delhi accompanied by a relative Lalita Das for a better living.

Dhiren Das and his wife Sabitri told Ruman, a cobbler from Central kolkatta that she could earn enough money by running a beauty parlour after training at Delhi. Their daughter Laly who lives in Delhi had promised her work. Sabi’s parents felt proud that their daughter could help support them. Sabi thought she could help her impoverished parents.

But the dreams were short-lived. As the day wore on, Ruman and his wife grew more concerned because Sabi hadn’t phoned them. ” Dhiren suggested me to go to Delhi. I went to Delhi accompanied by him to trace out my minor daughter. But seeing me, Laly became furious and told me bluntly that my daughter could be traced on spending Rs 50,000 To 60,000 ($ 1,000 to 1,200) but I could not meet their demand and returned empty handed.”

After returning from Delhi, he went to  Police station to lodge a missing person report. He again lodged a FIR under the section of 363 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). He alleged that even after repeated pleas, police did not start to take action.

Ruman also alleged that after she arrived in Delhi, Laly sold her to a brothel. He fears that confined and beaten, the frightened teenager might be force into prostitution. He also lodged another general diary to CID but even that hasn’t helped.

According to social activists,  Insufficient laws, poor enforcement, ineffective penalties and minimal chances of prosecution play a role in thriving sex trafficking.

Recently, Ruman accompanied police officers on a raid of the residence of Laly at Rohini, Delhi, arrested her and brought her back. But she was not produce in Court. The Investigating officer (IO) of the case refused to comment on this matter. Ruman also started receiving threatening phone calls from Dhiren Das and others. But he refused to be cowed down and he only wants to trace out his beloved daughter.

(The Story is based on a true story )


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