• Ten Killed in Lahore Perfume Factory Fire, Rescue Efforts in Full Swing
  • Syrian Government Forces Cut off M5 International Highway in Syria's Northwestern Idlib Province
  • Italy's Populist Leader Matteo Salvini Fails to Win Regional Election
  • China Corovirus: Death Toll Rises to 106
  • 3 Bodies Removed from Site of Crash that Killed Kobe Bryant, His Daughter and 7 Others

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November 10, 2019

Ethical AI Learns Human Rights Fram...

Artificial intelligence or AI, is broadly defined as the technology that allows machines to do tasks that only humans have done in the past. However, as that technology continues to advance there is a growing conversation about ensuring that machines aren’t just making decisions, but making ethical decisions

High-end Choppers Move Into the Lif...

The first successful organ transplant surgery was performed in 1954 in Boston, MA, and since then millions of such operations have been done. Yet despite the revolution in this sphere of medicine, one challenge remains – how to get the new organ to the patient faster, because at times a handful of hours is all doctors can afford. A New York City company called Blade may have an answer by providing helicopters that serve as air taxis to deliver very precious cargo to donor recipients in just minutes

September 22, 2019

A Unique Seattle Rehab Helps People...

Smartphones have quickly evolved from being a way to make an untethered phone call to service as portable hand-held personal computers. Yet these pros bring along many cons, as conditions like Internet addiction disorder become more widespread. To help people overcome these disorders, special rehab centers are opening around the world

September 15, 2019

‘Ghost Fleet’ Designat...

A watery grave filled with old sunken ships has been designated the newest national marine sanctuary in the United States. Located in Maryland about 60 kilometers south of Washington, the “ghost fleet” rises like an apparition out of the water when the tide is

August 11, 2019

Georgetown Home Where Camelot Was B...

Jacqueline Kennedy, the former first lady of the United States would have turned 90 years old this summer. On the occasion of the anniversary, Maksim Moskalkov visited the house where she first met John F. Kennedy more than half a century ago

Providing Meals and More to Those L...

In 1988 – sensing a need – religious leaders began delivering meals to people with HIV and AIDS who couldn’t leave their homes. From that simple idea, the nonprofit Food and Friends has grown into a Washington, D.C., institution, bringing thousands of meals a day to the sick and those in need

New York Artist Dresses Up Building...

Amanda Browder works with fabrics of all kinds. But, instead of creating clothing for people, she “dresses up” buildings with her unique style of installation art. Maxim Moskalkov has the story

August 4, 2019

Basketball Without Borders: WNBA Ch...

The NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program has been scouting and training girls and boys across the African continent for 17 years. Teenage girls taking part in the program say working with women from the continent who played for WNBA teams has motivated them to stay in the game

July 28, 2019

Little Free Pantry: A Source of Foo...

Canned soup, canned tuna, and pasta, among other things — everything you’ll find in an average American pantry, yet these little pantries are not in someone’s home but in the streets, open and accessible to anyone who needs them. Free Little Pantry is behind this initiative, a grassroots organization that was founded in Arkansas two years ago, but has spread across the country

Giving a Second Chance: How Pet Ado...

Every year, Americans adopt more than 3 million cats and dogs. Most of those pets are adopted from animal shelters, where they were taken after being picked up as stray animals, or given up by owners who could no longer take care of them


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