Vaka Eiva An Amazing Festival of Cook Islands

Enjoy The Cook Islands’ International paddling festival “Vaka Eiva” celebrates all things paddling which begings on Friday 24th November. The Matson Vaka Eiva event is a week long sporting event, a competitive one and the time to explore the stunning coastal scenery of this tiny Pacific Island nation.

Photo Courtesy: Cook Islands Canoeing Association

Around 600 paddlers including  international peddlers from different countries come to Rarotonga the most populous Island of the cook Island and the venue of this annual spectacular event.

Avarua, the national capital of the Cook Islands also an important festival location and training hub for the sporting  extravaganza, venues including famous Muri beach.

Vaka Eiva has various competitive sections such as Under 19, Open, Master, Senior Master, and Golden Master for above 60 years,Mix it Up” Hula Iron race

Crew Registration for the Vaka Eiva will be on November 23 with the traditional welcome ceremony and event blessing by Vaka Te Au O Tonga to be held at the Vaka Village at Avarua harbour is to nearby to Avarua and Takarae Point.

Paddle Art Exhibition is one of the instant events of the Paddling Festival.The grand fianele includes Pacific Cup and Pacific Paddle events which attract large crowd.

Apart from the festival, visitors can also get a chance to explore the picturesque Islands lush nature and also give them the opportunity to enjoy Te Mire Flower Festival an internationally famed annual festival which famous for float parades with flowers adorning the floats and The Cook Islands Dancer of the Year Competition 



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