Gainesville the Vibrant City

Desiree Wilson 

Gainesville, Florida a city in Alachua County with one of the top universities in United States the University of Florida.

Everything in Gainesville is featured around the University’s teams The Gators. “If your not a GATOR then you’re Gator bait”! Is the city’s motto. Majority of the city bleeds Orange & Blue. The University team colors.

Gainesville is known as the city if trees. We have many different kinds. Gainesville is a very pretty city.

According to 2017 US Census the total population of Gainesville, Florida: 132,249.

Gainesville also a beautiful city that caters to the Veterans. Many Veterans leave other cities of Florida and move to Gainesville because of the top quality medical services they receive at Veteran hospital. They also get help with housing.

Other, than the university Gainesville is a mixture of cultures, ages, musical and artsy.

Many musicians have come out of Gainesville, Florida, but two popular stars people still talk about are Bo Diddley and Tom Petty.

Gainesville, has a plaza with a stage named after Bo Diddley, the famous American singer, song writer and guaritist Ellas McDaniel where  bands perform free Friday
night concerts all Summer.

The music ranges from, Soul, Rock, Country, African, Gospel, Grass Roots, Classical, Bollywood and more!

And all ages, babies to seniors come out to dance. It’s nice to see the regulars every week and to sing and dance with different people every week.

Gainesville, if a very small NYC with different flavors of foods, interesting people, movers and shakers. That’s LITERALLY growing & building before your eyes daily.

Everybody wants to visit the town Because of the University.

Historic Haile Homestead the 6,200 square foot restorted plantation house famous for it’s ‘ talking walls over 12,500 words written in almost every room by Haile family members and friends.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic state park famous for hiking and greenery surrounding the place.The house of Pulitzer award winner writter is also part of the park.

Visitors also enjoy Thomas Centre, Matheson Museum, Micanopy Historical Society Museum.

Nearest Airport: Gainesville Regional Airport( GNV / KGNV)



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