• An Employee Opened Fire at Molson Coors Complex One of the Largest Breweirs in U.S.Killing Five Fellow Workers Before Taking His Own Life in Wisconsin
  • Tehran Has no Plans to Quarantine Cities Despite the Devastating Virus
  • India: Delhi Violence: 32 People Killed in the Violence that Rocked Northeast Delhi Since Sunday Evening
  • Togo Opposition Calls for Protests Against Election Results
  • Algeria Confirms Second Case of Coronavirus in Africa
  • China Hopes to Have COVID-19 Epidemic Under Control by April
  • Coronavirus Total Cases: 82,143 Deaths 2,805, Recovered 32,756 Deaths in Mainland China: 2,744, South Korea 13, Italy 12, Iran 19, Japan 4, Diamond Princess Cruise Ship 4
  • South Korea's Virus Infections Near 1,600, New Cases Center on Hardest-Hit City Daegu
  • Coronavirus Cases Surge to 400 in Italy
  • 14 days on: Russian-Backed Regime Forces Capture 86 Areas in Aleppo, Idlib and Hama, 552 Persons Killed, and Over 300,000 Civilians Displaced: Turkish President Receb Tayyip Erdogan
  • Yemeni Forces Intercept, Shoot Down Saudi-Led Reconnaissance Drone in Najran
  • Saudi Arabia Suspends Umrah Pilgrimage for Fear of COVID-19
  • Jordan’s King Abdullah II Assures Jordon to Hold Legislative Election This Summer


Chicago Auto Show 2020

Americans want bigger, beefier vehicles if the Chicago Auto Show is any indication. Billed as the nation’s largest, the Chicago Auto Show became America’s first-of-the-year showcase for the automotive industry when the Detroit Auto Show moved to June~VOA NEWS

Iran: Hiding the Spread of the Coronavirus and Repressing Independent Information

Immediately, Iraj Harirchi , director general of the ministry of health, denied the declaration of deputy Frahani and denounced a “propaganda war”, repeating the remarks made two days earlier by the supreme leader of the revolution Ali Khamenei. However, the next day, the member and the director general both learned that they were infected with the virus
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South Africa Olympic Gymnast

South African Caitlin Rooskrantz made history last year by becoming the first gymnast in her country to win a gold medal at an international meet, earning her a spot on the nation’s Olympic team. South Africa has a poor record at the Olympics, and in gymnastics in particular
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Afghanistan: U.S.-Taliban Deal

After 19 years of a grueling conflict that has claimed the lives of more than one-hundred thousand people, the war in Afghanistan may finally be coming to an end. So far, all sides seem to be respecting an agreement to reduce violence, a partial truce that came into effect last Saturday
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Bangladesh Court Bans 2 Books, Orders Them Removed from Literary Festival

The court’s ruling to ban the books, “Grandma’s Dictum” and “Dia Arefin,” – both works of non-fiction – and to order them removed them from stalls at the Ekushey Book Fair occurred on the fifth anniversary of the murder of U.S.-Bangladeshi secular blogger and writer Avijit Roy. He was killed in a machete-attack by Muslim zealots as he was leaving the literary festival
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Kenya Allows UN Envoy for Extrajudicial Killings for the First Time

Kenya has for the first time allowed the informal visit of a UN envoy on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. Agnès Callamard, a French human rights expert, met with relatives of police killings in Nairobi’s slums, where hundreds of cases have left relatives and friends of victims feeling powerless
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Uighur Education in US

A Sunday school in a northern Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C. is teaching the Uighur language and culture to Uighur-American youngsters as a way to counter the repression in China against Uighurs in Xinjiang Province. The school, Ana Care & Education, was founded in 2017 and was the first Sunday school in the U.S. to offer these courses
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