Majuli Island the Largest River Island in the World

Majuli Island by Kalai Sukanta is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Majuli, the largest river island in the world, is a sub-division of Jorhat District of Assam,north-eastern India.The length of Majuli island is 90 km (east to west) & width (north to south) about 16 km.Its water bodies attrack large number migratory birds.There are twenty three villages in Majuli island.

The total population of Majuli island-about 150,000,majority of them are tribal people migrated from other north-eastern states of India.Every year inhabitants of Majuli face flooding of their island by the river Bramhaputra.

Social activists like Sanjoy Ghosh’s awareness program against flooding ,soil erosion and community based solution made enemies.

Millitant outfit ULFA (United Libration Front of Assam)also threatened him.Later they abducted him and killed Sanjoy.Sanjoy Ghosh was abducted from Majuli.He was killd but his body was never recovered.It was believed that he was killed because he exposed the nexus between contractors ,the ULFA leaders and government officials.

The killing of social activist Sanjoy Ghosh drew international attraction and Central Bureau of Investigation took over the case.

Tourists can take the bus or a hired cab to the Nimati Steamer jetty.From Nimati Streamer Jetty,ferry services are available.The distance takes nearly three hours to cover.

Tourists can enjoy the colorful cultures and traditions of tribal people like Ali-ao-lvignag festival in Feb.-March.Tourists also enjoy paal Namm festival in winter month, Pottery and mask making and excellent craftsmanship of tribal people of Majuli island and obviously,the beautiful scenic beauty of Majuli.


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