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Meticulous Planning is Needed For Every Investigation

Sumit Sagar

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I had no other clue except that the guy has a automotive shop just beside a police station in Pune.But,there are so many police stations divided by different zones.It was a herculean task for me. Is it possible to find him? I wondered.

Shamir Akolkar shifted his base from a hilly town in North Eastern region of India to Pune after duping scores of people.He duped people and collected money by impersonating a ‘commander’of a millitant outfit of North- East.

First I download the details of Pune police stations from their website.After that I collected the names and addresses of automotive shops in and around Pune.I also collected the addresses and phone numbers of Akolkars living in Pune.Then I randomly dialled automotive shops in and around Pune.

My boss told me to find out that man,what he does and his connections.I got in touch with my contact in Pune.Suddenly an idea floated up in my mind -there must be an association of that particulatr community in Pune which he belongs.

Meanwhile,I found that there is an automotive shop beside Pune Police headquarter.After a frantic search I found the secretary of a Samaj (Society) and collected his phone number and told him that I need some information about that man who belongs to his samaj.

My Pune contact assured me over phone that though he is not able to locate that man yet,he is hopeful that he will find him soon.I called up a guy,who had some underground connections and explained my purpose.Later in the day,my contact informed me,he locate a person who has a automotive shop near a police station but he was not yet sure about the identity of the person.He told me that he needed few more days to identify the person.Two days back,the secretary of the Samaj informed me over phone that his men locate Samir has a thriving business in Pune.I thank God then spend the rest of the night by instructing my contact on yahoo messenger.Still,there was hope,I thought.I was excited.Few days later,my contact informed me that he took the photographs of the man and emailed me the photographs.I instantly recognise the man and instructed my contact to find out his address.Few days later,he informed me that the man lives with his wife and two children in the outskirts of North Pune  after that it was easier for me to got every details of the man.Then,I realized that we should have a good khabri (Informer).


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