Protect Your Child From Cyber Predators

Like Europe, Pedophiles are also  actively involved in Asia. Though sex with children is illegal, but according to one estimate, about half a million Indian children are used in sex trade illegally. In cyber world, pedophiles lure children in many ways. So keep a eye on children


Child with Mobile by NadineDoerle/Pixabay is Licensed Under CC0 Creative Commons

We parents want our children to take full advantage of cyber space, but we should always remember that kids are not mature enough to take right decisions on their own.Many parents don’t aware the fact that kids often communicating online with stangers and they don’t realize the dangers involved in it.

The internet predators including pedophiles and sex offenders sometime create fake identities on social networking sites, such as Facebook with fake identities and supress their age to attract children and make friendship with them. Parents should watch their kid’s online activities, to keep them from being victimized by predators.

Always advice your kids that not to use real name and never reveal their age,address,school name or mobile no on their public profile.And try to avoid posting their pictures.
Pedophiles can use these pictures for their own purposes like morphed these pictures with naked childrens bodies.Parents should monitor the emails of their kids.Pedophiles also try to gain the trust of vunarable kids.And parents should know that user policy of Facebook clearly mentions the minimum age of using Facebook is 13 years.




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